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Celestix Federated A3400 ADFS Bridge Appliance
Bridge the gap between AD and Oice 365 with Celestix Federated Solution

Celestix Federated A3400 ADFS Bridge Appliance

Celestix Products
Celestix Federated A3400 Series
Celestix Federated A3400 ADFS Bridge Appliance
Including CAT6 Ethernet Cable, Power Cable, RJ45 Connector Cable, and Mounting Brackets
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Identity management helps organizations establish policies and practices to conirm that the people who access information resources are legitimate users. Identity federation creates trust relationships that can exchange information to authenticate users. The framework lets a single user identity access a variety of resources.

Celestix Federated Series is a plug-and-play, on-premises solution that enables single sign-on (SSO) and access management for cloud applications. Active Directory Federation Services (AD FS) is the identity management tool to achieve seamless integration for cloud resources with Active Directory (AD), including Microsoft Azure, Oice 365, and other software as a service (SaaS) products.

The purpose-built Celestix Federated Series makes moving infrastructure to the cloud a better value proposition. The cloud can ofer eicient resources and simpliied operations for IT departments. That simplicity translates to cost savings and a better user experience.

Federated Identity ManagementFederated Identity Management

The Celestix Federated Solution integrates federated identity with on-premises AD. Federation allows IT and users to streamline credentials that access resources inside the network and in the cloud. Storing credentials internally increases security and maintains organizational control.

Single Sign-On (SSO)

Users can securely and reliably access Oice 365 and other SaaS apps using their existing AD credentials from anywhere, on any domain-joined device. Users get a seamless single sign-on experience for cloud business solutions, including Exchange Server, SharePoint, Lync and other web apps.

Wizard-Driven Deployment

Installation wizards reduce the need for IT to sort through complex technical requirements to deploy AD FS. Preconigured options speed the setup process. AD FS and Directory Synchronization (DirSync) service coniguration for Oice 365 can be completed in 15 minutes.

Seamless Resource Access

Cloud resources include platform as a service (PaaS) and software as a service (SaaS). Combining Azure platform options for infrastructure with Oice 365 productivity software ofers a scalable, accessible solution to use cloud technology to support business goals for organizations large and small. But without identity management, end users and IT departments spend a lot of time managing credentials. Single sign-on and synchronization are key factors for the seamless access to resources that improves designed for the network.

Multifactor Authentication

Access to sensitive resources can require stronger authentication. Using multifactor authentication (MFA) to require a second form of validation at login increases security. By integrating MFA into an SSO deployment, impact on user experience is reduced. To make the second authentication step easier, AD FS can incorporate that second factor from several options, so each user can choose the most convenient method.

Reporting, Monitoring, and Alerting

Infrastructure maintenance requires evaluation and oversight. Metrics are essential for IT controls, and are useful to measure progress towards single sign-on objectives. The Celestix Federated series adds several features to help manage identity federation. Predeined reports provide tools for auditing and compliance requirements. The dashboard provides centralized monitoring for service status, synchronization, and login activity. The alert system can warn administrators when services or synchronization fail.

Infrastructure Resilience and Flexibility

Celestix Federated Appliances can be conigured in highly available, load balanced clusters to provide authentication service redundancy. The addition of multiple appliances supports scaleout architecture when infrastructure demands increase.


  • Federated user identities stored in on-premises AD increase security
  • Single sign-on improves eiciency and ease of use
  • Wizards reduce complexity to deploy identity federation
  • Seamless access to resources crosses organizational boundaries
  • Multifactor authentication strengthens access security
  • Infrastructure oversight with reporting, monitoring, and alerting
  • High availability adds resilience and scalability ofers lexibility


Purpose-Built Appliance

Does not require the level of expertise that do-it-yourself solutions require, they reduce the time to deploy them while reducing total cost of ownership. 

Improved Celestix COMET software engineImproved Celestix COMET software engine is the heart of the appliance

The new and improved purpose-built software engine and management console is a single interface to manage AD FS and its components. It provides an intuitive and feature-rich web UI that allows you to view reports, offers real-time monitoring and alerting, and provides automated updates.

Enhanced Resilience

Ability to clone HDD profiles as well as integrated back-up and restore functionality for disaster recovery. Hardware-integrated backup and restore functionality for disaster recovery, including off-box HDD cloning.

Quick Installation

No additional staff time is required to configure and manage Celestix Federated Appliance, and the hardware is fully packaged to minimize the burden on your IT staff.

Simple Deployment

Provides a pre-configured and standardized platform to reduce time of deployment.

Out-of-Band Management

Administrators can monitor the appliance through a dedicated management interface to configure and manage the appliance and remotely power on or power off the device.

Single Source Procurement and Technical Support

Celestix supports every layer of the solution, eliminating problems with hardware compatibility or operating system patches. From hardware and operating system to programs like Advanced Hardware Replacement, customers benefit from the power of one vendor.


The Celestix Federated appliance can be deployed in a variety of configurations. To provide a frame of reference, the following diagrams show three options.

A Series Minimal Recommended Infrastructure Deployment
A Series Minimal Recommended Infrastructure Deployment

A Series Infrastructure Recommendation with Proxy and Default Data Store
A Series Infrastructure Recommendation with Proxy and Default Data Store

A Series Infrastructure Recommendation for Proxy and External Data Store
A Series Infrastructure Recommendation for Proxy and External Data Store


A3400 Front and Rear Views

  A3400 A6400
A Series Model A3400 A6400
Type of Business Designed for small to mid-sized enterprises Designed for large and multinational enterprises
Management Console COMET 1.6 COMET 1.6
Recommended Users Below 500 concurrent users 500 to 3,000 concurrent users
Alerting, Reporting and Real-Time monitoring Yes Yes
Network Load Balancing Yes Yes
DirSync Support Pre-configured Pre-configured
Form Factor 1U 1U
CPU Intel i5 Intel E3
Number of Processors 4 Cores 4 Cores
Memory 8 GB 16 GB
Cache 6 MB 6 MB
Front Side Bus DMI DMI
Hard drive SATA-III hard drive 2 x SATA-III  hot-swappable hard drive
2 x 160 GB hot-swappable hard drive
Hot-Swappable Fans
Power Supply 220W auto-switching universal 110/220V AC power supply Redundant hot-swappable power supply – 2 x 250W
Disk Mirror RAID - RAID 1
Gigabit Ethernet Ports 6 6
Dimensions (H x W x L) 1.75” x 17.3” x 13.0” inches 1.75” x 17.3” x 21.5” inches

ADFS Do-it-Yourself vs. Celestix Federated:

Save Time and Money by Deploying Celestix Federated

Celestix provides a complete, out-of-the-box solution to deploy Microsoft Active Directory Federation Service (ADFS) for Office 365 single sign-on. Microsoft ADFS requires specialized knowledge and time to implement. Celestix delivers direct, seamless integration with Active Directory in minutes without the additional time and expense to install and configure. You can have a complete Single Sign-On for your Office 365 users in no time.

The table below shows how Celestix Federated compares with a Microsoft ADFS software installation.

Comparison Microsoft ADFS Celestix Federated
Solution Delivery Software Out of the box
Security Risk Mid (not hardened) Low
Administration Interface Microsoft Interface/Web via RDP Web based
Browser Support Only IE IE, Safari, Chrome
Alerting, Reporting and Real-Time Monitoring No Yes
Installation Process Windows installation process Wizard process
Time to Implement 1 – 2 weeks Less than an hour
Cost of Ownership High Low
DirSync Support Additional days to weeks to implement Integrated
AD Integration AD agent required Pre-configured
Option to migrate to the Cloud No Yes
Support Multiple vendors One for all support need

If you are contemplating ADFS, you will find that Celestix Federated solution provides additional benefits, including alerting, reporting, real-time monitoring, auto DirSync support, wizard process installation and two-factor authentication support.


Demo Video: Celestix Edge A and VA Series


Download the Celestix Federated A and VA Series Datasheet (.PDF)


Celestix Products
Celestix Federated A3400 Series
Celestix Federated A3400 ADFS Bridge Appliance
Including CAT6 Ethernet Cable, Power Cable, RJ45 Connector Cable, and Mounting Brackets
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Celestix Federated A3400 Series 8x5 Support & Maintenance
Celestix Federated A3400 8x5 Support, 1 Year
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Celestix Federated A3400 8x5 Support, 3 Year
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Celestix Federated A3400 Series 24x7 Support & Maintenance
Celestix Federated A3400 24x7 Support, 1 Year
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Celestix Federated A3400 24x7 Support, 3 Year
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